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Terrazzo is Italian for ‘terrace’ and it was given by the Italians who developed it. Terrazzo the table highlights a round-or square-formed tabletop particularly in this picture, created in profoundly useful cement and chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, and other materials mixed all together into a cementitious binder and making it into one composite material. A weighted roller completes the material, and the terrazzo is ground and cleaned to deliver a smooth surface. The minimalist piece of furniture can be effortlessly utilized for a wide range of indoor and outdoor use.

For the designer, Terrazzo was a clear-cut the decision to use as the base, particularly because of its incredible long-lasting properties, yet more significantly, it has such a solitary and remarkable polish off that makes a powerful distinction against the obvious the simplicity of the tabletop. As of late, terrazzo has seen a significant resurgence, however with somewhat of a modern edge. Bolder and brighter colors, bigger stones are being utilized as aggregates, and it’s presently being utilized to make furniture and home accessories.

t md dinig table

Ours is the latest concept that incorporates plywood, cement, and chips along with the rounded mold for giving a sophisticated finish.  It’s a free form of 3D design. As you can see, we rounded the curved surface and hardened the material so that it doesn’t crack up. We used hand polish and tested it using kitchen materials. And once this activity was successful, we designed the table on flexible plywood and then started with the main terrazzo process. We attached one side of the table to the wall to save space yet also providing the family of four a comfy place to dine. That chips in the tabletop are made of various mines and cement combined into one material, making it a mineral art concept. Extraordinary, isn’t it?

One of our clients was awestruck looking at the table that portrayed marble but is actually nothing but plywood. That’s right! The table gives away a smooth marble-y look which is actually costlier so there you get the benefit of the doubt with this minimal furniture. The table also turned out to be lightweight with the right elements used so it can be shifted anywhere it’s required. Last but not least, the terrazzo dining table feels really elegant yet simple to the home, making it the best fit with all other furniture of the house.


Despite the fact that terrazzo is viewed as a luxury finish, it was really made to be a budget-friendly solution. In addition to its prominent look, terrazzo is long-lasting, low-maintenance, and can add a rich vibe to your space, however, what makes the material so extraordinary is its customizability. In any which case, it very well may be a pretty pricey option and installation does require a professional.


-Nicholas Sparks



Art and Design come from a lie that life doesn't show, innovation is the truth that comes from the soul.

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