Project Name: Omorose
Project Type: Residential (3bhk)
Area: 2500 Sqft
Location: Surat
Year Of Completion: 2021


A dwelling that manifests the way of life of its inhabitants while assuring solace and warmth! is what most of the homes pursue to be. Enveloped in a soothing neutral palette with contrasting bright furniture and wooden elements, this 2500 sq. ft apartment in Adajan, Surat, assures just that. Crafted by Neel Devani, principle designer at nsd Architects, this adobe reflects strong teamwork and a keen eye for detail.

The client Vipul Domadiya wanted a comfortable and lucid residence forming a minimalistic frame. The moto was to transform the space according to the client’s need envisioning the design philosophy,” design with no restriction!”

Before one enters the residence, the subtle grey hue coupled up with wood and scarlet red cushion forms a perfect foyer revealing the entire theme of the house. The sleek detailing of the main door with grooves on the adjoining wall grabs the attention of all.

The thoughtful design of the living room fails the myth that too many things make the design look heavy. As we start the journey, the wooden niche detail with cushions having floral print on the grey settee and the statement chair give a complete tropical feel. The clean false ceiling design with full-length curtains running across the wall with a white base provides depth to the entire setting. The three-layered elegant side table placed in the living area accentuates the design. To translate the client’s demand of having a temple in the living area a delicate design of partition wall was proposed and executed that gave a defining edge to the religious setup in the house.

The dining area is designed in a fashion that continuous the theme and leads us to the kitchen area designed in clean lines, which elevates the simplicity of the design.

The built fabric further comprises of three bedrooms with minute detailing, which adds an extra layer of experience.  

The Master Bedroom has a well-suited band of green cushioning across the wall forming a tranquil background to the entire layout. To bring harmony to the entire space, the wall molding done on the wall is followed in the furniture creating an honest geometrical sight.

The Kid’s Bedroom has a puzzled bed back comprising of two contrasting hues, grey and scarlet red. The profile light highlights the ceiling with the bare minimum furniture on the floor that reflects luxury.

The Bedroom designed for Grandparents is relaxed in character and perfectly fits the anthropometric requirement of the particular age group. While designing this space sincere attention was given to the end-user and their comfort formed the basis of functional design.

All the washrooms are kept spacious with good lighting makes it calm and cozy.

Overall the furniture design of the entire house is kept simple by following straight lines however the circular mirrors break the continuity. The material palette was selected for ease of maintenance and its durability. All the architectural elements were designed in a way that speaks cohesive design language and altogether creates a sense of largeness.


Words are less to express the experience with NSD. It was smooth going throughout the tenure as per our visualized dream for the showroom. The interiors are quite appreciable done with perfections and professionalism.”   



Founded in 2018 by Neel devani, nsd architects, is a renowned design studio based in Suart, Gujarat.