Empirically planned Spacious Apartment

Project Name: MD Residence
Project Type: residential (Renovation)
Area: 1200 Sqft
Location: surat
Year Of Completion: 2019
Principal Designer: Neel Devani

A lovely comfortable 3bhk apartment crafted for peaceful living space experience in Surat. The posh and spacious residence is focused on pampering the luxurious requirements of the family members consisting of two bedrooms and one guest bedroom. The vital technique of placing the spaces thoughtfully while taking care of the daily elements of life was empirically planned at the initial level. The partial L-shaped plan gives the residence the northern side exposure which is consistent throughout the day, never too harsh nor too dull.

As you enter, you see a big arch at the gate which is half-fenced, being the theme for the house. The apartment offers a big open living area with a backdrop of pseudo large arched windows. Installing a tinted mirror in the arched windows was the best element to install for giving the room its widespread volume and there is more light sprinkled back into the room. The entire house flaunts the graceful shades of grey, white and beige leading to a dignified and classy color pallet for the residence.
The selection of velvety beige and brown pillow covers was a great invigorating choice for bringing the contrast with the rest of whites and greys.  With a touch of modern style, the circular glass table perfectly adds magnificent appeal to the central coffee table facing the ottomans. The white marble on the elegant floor fulfills the required aim of adding a sophisticated look and ample of space. The light curtain fabric used for the big north-facing full-length window helps to preserve the natural light and blends with the style of the house simultaneously.

The master bedroom being a private space is an equally stylish sanctuary. The classic color pairing of whites, light purple and brown creates a space that feels comfortable and cozy. The beige colored soft hand board design adds flavor to the itty bitty bed nook. The rich saturated hue of light purple and blue color for the pair of velvety pillows adds a finishing touch. The elegant black frames on the white walls bring a little fun element to space with the golden blooming flower wall hanging for the center one. The hardwood flooring compliments the vernacular of the room while providing both aesthetical value and durability. The side tables are kept a little apart from the bed to get some uncrowded space. The bulky curtains with patterns on it prevail the privacy required.

On the other hand, this bedroom profoundly flaunts the gloomy shades of grey everywhere on the walls. The distinct gimmick here is the C-shaped wooden hand board running along with the ceiling which creates the most contemporary impact. The grey colored pillows are attached to this board can be used when needed. The beddings are kept plain white with a chirpy texture maintaining the liveliness. The lightings for both the bedrooms are kept warm with the help of pot lights as well as ceiling lights which looks like adding scones with downward lighting. The ceiling lights are specially added close to the wall to highlight the beautiful details. The curtains here have an interesting triangular pattern intensifying the wall when windows are shut. Also, the graceful vase in every room jazzes up these gorgeous rooms even more.

The guest room follows the hues of the residence with separate two single beds parted by the shared side table for storage. The unique texture on the hand board is in a solid grey tone which can easily integrate with the bed space. At the back of the bed space, the wall hangings have space to keep showpieces or planters, making it the outstanding feature for the room.



Founded in 2018 by Neel devani, nsd architects, is a renowned design studio based in Suart, Gujarat.