An eye-catching exhibit that leaves no doubt for your needs!

Project Name: Shreeji ceramics
Project Type: Commercial (Ceramic shop renovation)
Area: 1000 Sqft
Location: Surat
Year Of Completion: 2020

No more scrambling heads while looking for the stuff to look over for what to see and whatnot. Shreeji Ceramics has got itself a fascinating layout making not only its display sensible for its offerings like washbasins and toilet seats but also set a perfect example of classifications and a feasible workstation at the floor. The insights in the place give natural vibes designed graciously with a customer-centric view.


Shreeji Ceramics was warm-heartedly designed as per the client’s requirement with more of their satisfaction. The interiors are set up beautifully considering the nature of the shop and with a pocket-friendly budget as much as possible. The roof is planned to have no ceiling designs which allows to have an open space in the shop giving benefits of better space acquisition.


Working with a directionally oriented motive, the concept was set-up in mind to have an open-space, natural, and clean look. The green grasses gave liveliness and natural vibes throughout the exhibit. The grey carpet on the floor gave a unique texture in the walk area. Overall, the entire concept was designed such that it gave ground realities of the entire exhibit, which means no hidden spaces – adding trust value to an individual on the floor.


The dynamic external environment demanded to equip durable, long-lasting and re-usable materials to ornament the exhibit. This gives a strong pillar to every single component that matters for stability.


To grab the attention in the critics, the idea of highlighters was feasibly sustained with a logical study. The green stuff in the background highlighted the white products on the display. Wall- displays were such that every particle could be made easily visible without much of search efforts. The lightings were also fixed as highlighters segmenting the classified components. The combination of color-pops and basins gives the playfulness experience in insights.


NSD believes that making a client happy is more worthy than simply satisfying one. We have worked with dedication to perform much beyond the client’s expectations which gives NSD core competency in its value additions.


Words are less to express the experience with NSD. It was smooth going throughout the tenure as per our visualized dream for the showroom. The interiors are quite appreciable done with perfections and professionalism.”   



Founded in 2018 by Neel devani, nsd architects, is a renowned design studio based in Suart, Gujarat.